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Welcome to 2013!

This is the brand new year, and that makes a brand new start to ramp up your dating life and social life…either with your existing ones or build new ones.

So I thought I would talk about building your social status literally overnight instantly and immediately yet effortlessly (man, that’s a lot of adjectives to describe how cool you can become this year with a fresh start).

As you may not be aware of, there is a an invisible social hierarchy always going on in any organization, establishment, institution…that includes your workplace or school.

This gives you your social status…your level of importance, value, and popularity within this hierarchy.

Now climbing the social hierarchy is NO easy task…you either have to work your butt off or win the respect of your fellow peers, yet at the same time you’re competing with your cut-throat rivals who will get no better satisfaction than to see you fail.

This especially applies to your working profession.  Whoever’s the most hungry one will rise up in this world.

I know tough-cookie to swallow, and I wish that wasn’t the case and everybody would get along, regardless of their social status.

Now on the extreme, there are some people who are overly sensitive about such thing that they are so paranoid about their image and who they associate with that they will come off as unfriendly to everybody, except those they want something from.

For myself, I usually detach myself from such folks for they certainly do have symptoms of the social-climber and value-craver, and I don’t want to have to deal with people like these in my life, who only use only people as their tool for their own selfish needs.

(You can read more about this if people are using you as a tool.)

YIKES!  I know, but don’t fret…

There is an easy to do raise your social status instantly within any hierarchy you’re part of, and you can jump around to new hierarchy and automatically be top of the hierarchy.

And the good news is, you don’t even have to compete in your social hierarchy.

Social Hierarchy Social Natural Raise your Social Status Overnight to be King in any Hierarchy

“It’s better to start your own tribe making you automatic chief, than infiltrate an existing tribe working from bottom to top after a long time.”

First of all, I have always emphasized being a contradictory multifaceted person instead of one-dimensional…particularly for guys whose only goal is to be a pickup artist, resulting in the pickup artist trap.

If you really want to be popular and cool instantly to gain up in the hierarchy, here’s what you do…

To whatever hierarchy you’re trying to raise your social status in, you build your status up “outside of that hierarchy” somewhere else, then come back to it with “outside status” transitioned back over, making you cool and popular.

For example, let say you’re a DJ in New York City; it’s going to be hard to climb up the social hierarchy because it’s a very competitive industry.

If you want the fast-track…what you do is build your social status outside of the Big Apple to somewhere else, for example LA…or even in other countries where since you came from NYC that automatically makes gives you a title “DJ from NYC” making you cooler.

Once you become well-known and popular there by making a name for yourself for example “Hottest DJ in Europe Comes to NYC”…that becomes your tagline.  When you’re coming back and since you’re from Europe, that will jump start your status giving you that instant boast already.

I know people who are just from NY living in LA, and vice-versa, and that makes them cool giving them some sort of social status.

The social status psychology behind this building social status outside of hierarchy is that it makes you exotic and interesting.  People are curious about you and don’t know what life really is on the other side and that will make you popular.

An example you see all the time in movies is the outside traveler to a new location or back in time, they become exotic gaining instant popularity.

Think outside the box and build yourself up from a different hierarchy then come back to your old hierarchy.  Keep building multiple different hierarchies.  That’s why it’s great to have multiple different interest and being multifaceted.

You see…if Tom Brady walked into a hierarchy, his social popularity will instantly skyrocketed because he has social status outside of that hierarchy and people know him by different things.

Here’s a much more professional example…lets say you work in corporate America…

Coporate Hierarchy Social Natural Raise your Social Status Overnight to be King in any Hierarchy

Obviously, you’re not going to climb the hierarchy without much hardship (unless you’re some heir).  So what you do is, do something outside of that gives you some sort of positive title or accomplishment, like you started out working for this world-renowned firm over in another area/location…that lends you perspective nobody else has.

To raise your social statues in your social hierarchy, find something that will make you instantly popular outside of that, then transitioning over that social status back into it.

The effect can be a dominoes catalyst effect…using your outside social status to raise your other social status within another hierarchy.

Here’s an in-depth example to hopefully help you understand the dominoes catalyst effect of raising your social status:

Lets say you work at a prestigious firm in NYC.  You can start getting into acting so your firm will know you by something outside of that hierarchy.

For your acting hierarchy, they will know you as somebody who works for this prestigious firm, and that will instantly give you some sort status.

Then you get into surfing since surfing is almost unheard of in NYC (and yes, you can surf in NYC) that will instantly give you another status boost for your firm and acting hierarchy (contrast if it were in Cali, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal).  You’re now part of a surfing social circle.

Later for some reason you decided you’re a gorgeous sexy bastard and get into modeling…no, no, no not hand or ass-modeling, but actual fashion-modeling.

What are the stereotypes of models?

Dumb, shallow, personality-less…yet you work for a prestigious firm that automatically makes the fashion industry see you differently giving you much more respect.

Now going back to your firm, your social status will dramatically be raised again because you’re now a model.

Notice how one different hierarchy boosts the other hierarchy?  The more hierarchy you’re part of, the more they will leverage the other.

Social Status Social Natural Raise your Social Status Overnight to be King in any Hierarchy

Remember, best way to rise in the “social hierarchy A” is to build it outside of it by taking something from that “social hierarchy A” that makes you cool to another different “social hierarchy B, then coming back to “social hierarchy A” with something cool from “social hierarchy B.

That’s why I encourage you to become multifaceted creating multiple social identities for yourself.

Get involved in something that is cool outside of your social hierarchy you’re trying to be cool in, which nobody thought you would ever do (e.g. nerd becomes football player, football player goes to Harvard, banker becomes rapper).   Break stereotype and do the opposite of what is expected.  It makes you interesting and popular!

If you like to find learn more about how to raise your social status as well as build fresh social circles, you should check out my Nightly Nomad Course.

Until then, this is a wrap!

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