How to Talk to a Woman?

How to Talk to a Woman Social Natural How to Talk to a Woman?


“Let’s say you are talking with someone either male or female, you ask her how long she has been smoking and she says since school with friend when she was around fourteen…

Now, how do you make up story with these few informations provided using ‘One of my friend like to X alot, in fact I’m not sure if there is one Y…’structure.”


Here’s a trap most people fall in when they’re talking…

They become victim to the frame of “Now what do I say?”

This frame is uncreative and there is nothing you can work with to bounce the creative juice off of.

Please do NOT ever fall into that trap my friend.

Instead, whenever you’re stuck on a conversation, is to ask “What does that say about her?”

Take what the girl said as “the input X” into a social structure of “What does that say about her?” to generate “the output Y.”

For example:

“Whooaaa! What else did you do early that age?”

“Yikes! Did you smoke weed as well?

“Listen lady, don’t tell me you’re a cokehead as well?”

Here I see potential to turn the conversation sexual, by asking her how old was she when she lost her virginity, but you have to plan the seed right. For me, I would start the conversation as innocent by telling her how I was actual this loser nerdy kid growing up and something happened that turn me a complete 180 change, then that’s how I got my first girlfriend, lost my virginity, and became happy.

(Telling her I lost my virginity as late-boomer is the trigger to turn the conversation sexual, but it started out innocently that I initiated by sharing instead of being intrusive by jumping in asking her abruptly.)

These social structures like these you can practice to come up with your. The great thing about these social structure is that they’re universal and can be apply anytime without having to memorize any lines.

But the true is, you don’t have to worry about the story you need to think of…

That’s one of the revelation I made over the past year as I’ve been away.

It’s more important to have “reactional skills.”

Now I have just recently released a course last month that I worked on for a full-year, which dwells deeply into reactional skills if you like to know more.

Hope that helps my friend.

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