What are Social Skills?

Have you ever notice why some people always seem to be creatively-witty and have the right thing to say, at the right time?

They’re fun, funny, exciting, and entertaining…and you, people, and everybody love to be around them.

What is this magical X-Factor about them?

They all have great social skills.

Now what are “social skills”?

What are Social Skills Social Natural What are Social Skills?That’s like trying to describe oxygen and the air we breathe…

We use it everyday. Some of us are more socially-skilled at it than others…but in the end it’s the way of how we interact, behave, socialize, and talk and communicate with others.

There other are other names we can call this such as “people skills” and “communication skills,” but for what we’re talking about applies to the way we the interact with other people in relationship to our social environment…mostly social gatherings like public places, crowds, bars, nightclubs, and anywhere where there are a ton of people.

Social skills is an interesting area that has always fascinated me…because growing up, I didn’t have any as a result of my early victim days of being bullied that caused me to be labeled as a social outsider from my peers that caused my lack of interest in interpersonal communication; and we aren’t aware of how we pick social skills up, but it’s supposed to be just developed within us naturally.

“Naturally”…is a strongly presumed-adverb if you ask me. Not all of us had the same upbringing, like myself for example.

For me, I’ve always been the intellectual-pursuit kid, always studying for my classes and didn’t care nor want to be part of the daily-drama associated with the social dynamics of folks I was with.

That’s why these topics of “social skills”, “what are social skills”, and “how to improve social skills” are rarely discussed…just like do you need to explain “what is” and “how to walk” (unless you’re a model on the runway).

Even though, social skills are rarely talked about, it’s the most essential skills we need in our lives, especially in this day and age where the world and multi-cultures are colliding.

No longer are the days where we, ourselves, live in isolation from one another, but instead, collaborate with each other and cultivating those relationships we have to strive, succeed, and get what we want.

Unfortunately, it’s unsettling how many people lack this crucial set of skills.

Yet, I would break it down even further and say…“social skills” is such a broad-term…

There are many facet of social skills used and needed and associated with each and every different social situations and environments.

What is one ideal set of social skills in one scenario, may not work in others.

For example, the social skills you needed to fit in your with your male-buddies…will not be acceptable in a more tight refined work-place.

That’s why social skills are so important, and fall under such a broad-scope of how we interact and behave with other people in our everyday life, specialized social skills.

As you can see, there are many micro-areas of social skills.

Social skills is our ultimate power of control. Have it and you can find life a lot more easy, exciting, fun, and fulfilling.

And if you don’t have it, develop it!

Social skills are the greatest education you can give to yourself…and your greatest asset in life.

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