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Don Amante is a controversial Eastern European dating blogger, who started out as a total nerd but is now hanging out with some of the coolest, smoothest and most experienced players his hometown has seen.

1.)  Don, talk about yourself for a bit so we know who you are, and where are you originally from? And your early experience with the ladies?

Hey Gabriel, thanks for agreeing to this interview. I was born in Eastern Europe in a country that’s jam-packed with hotties. My early experiences with the ladies…zero to none, despite my location. I was extremely shy in high-school and throughout most of college. Some would say I was hopeless because I couldn’t even talk to shy girls, let alone take them on dates. I think shy girls would look at me and say to themselves that “if this guy is who I’m suppose to be dating, I’m gonna die alone…he’s never gonna ask me out.”

2.)  What was the cause of your lack of success with women?  Because for me, my parents moved around a lot and eventually settled in a small-town community, where other kids were already friends with each other for a long time, and here I was, this outsider, trying to make friends…but never developed the social skills to and became the overachiever-nerd taking honors and AP classes, didn’t have time to be social nor had 1-single friend.

Funny thing, we moved a lot too. I was always the new kid – I can still remember the pain I felt when I had to integrate with a new group; it was too much to bear. I think moving around a shy kid is “deadly” for his social life. I did have friends but that didn’t mean girls wanted to be with me. I don’t want to point fingers here, what I do know is that it wasn’t my fault.

3.)  You mentioned “Trevor” as the guy who helped pulled you through all this.  Tell us about him and the time you spent with him?  What was the biggest secret you learned from him?

Trevor was the kind of guy who did a lot of stupid things, and most people saw him as a jerk. Back when we started he was poor, to say the least. (In fact, now that he has money his success with women decreased significantly.) He’s an extremely sexual person once you get to know him. He seems like a normal guy at first, quite shy in larger groups…but in smaller ones he has a way of taking the conversation sexual in a very sneaky way. He’s definitely obsessed with sex, and women know that after a few minutes of talking with him.

To give you an example, when we’d go out at day-game, we would always “burn” a girl by asking her straight out if she wants to have sex. He taught me that. That killed approach anxiety instantly and got us into that sexual mindset. Sets would go a lot easier when we did that.

His biggest secret? It took me a while to figure it out, but you have to escalate sexually (verbally) with the first chance you get. Sure, you want to start a “normal” conversation at first, make a light sex joke within the first few minutes…but you have to show verbal sexual-dominance as soon as possible. Time is not running in your favor until you tap into a woman’s inner slut.

It seems to me like most guys are waiting too long to bring up sex. The more they fluff-talk, the more the attraction DECREASES…and the less attraction you have, the harder it is to steer things towards sex. After all, 99% of the time we’re looking to get laid, not married so why not go for it?

You’d be surprised how any women are ok talking about sex with strangers. Every time I make a sexual joke with a cute cashier at the mall, what do you think happens? I always get a funny remark back. Imagine how much more receptive girls are in clubs, when they are NOT working.

4.)  When you go out, how do you usually progress it?  What are the things you do and steps you follow?

I’m not a party animal most of the times. Quite the opposite. As an introvert, I find partying very exhausting. In clubs I’m pretty much like a predator in the jungle, looking for my targets. I do make sure I don’t look like a psycho, though. The last thing I want to project is that I feel uncomfortable or scared. Blending in is more than enough for me to get laid.

5.)  Do you have any crazy story you like share?

The craziest thing I did was kissed 2-sisters 10-seconds after I met them. One after the other. They weren’t particularly attractive but walking up to them, saying a single sentence, kissing one after 10-seconds, and then the other after another 10…that’s something I’m definitely gonna tell my grandkids.

6.)  Looking back now, what could you have done differently and the short-cut you could have taken to be better with women faster?

I would have done a lot of things differently. Back when I started there weren’t that many guys doing it, so I didn’t have anyone to learn from until I met Trevor.

First off, I would take care of my facial hair and clothes. I was a mess and I didn’t even know it. After that, I would just start reading about sex and sexual jokes day and night. It’s a good way to get that sexual mindset to stick. Pretty soon you’ll notice you start bringing sex naturally in most conversations because you know everything. Thus, people will naturally think you’re DOING it too.

7.)  Now if you can give away one of your best strategies to help guys right now, what will that be?

Go out, start a regular conversation, then, after a couple of minutes, pause and say something sexual. Watch how the girl will NOT slap you, not get mad and she WILL continue to talk with you. You might not get her digits, but you’ll experience on your own skin how it is to shortcut the process and move directly to sex. After that, you will refine this process by coming up with softer sex jokes and learning to calibrate, learning to build sexual rapport and so on.

8.)  Tell us a about this “Sensual Hunter Method.” What is it about? How is this different from other approach out there to getting women and laid?

Get Laid being Sexual Hunter Social Natural Get Laid with More Women by being a Hunter

The Sensual Hunter Method is all about getting girls who want sex, and getting there fast. It’s a way to openly sub-communicate to any girl, “Hey, I’m cool, I want sex, and I’m good at it.” It’s a METHOD, meaning there is no magic sequence to say that will get her to follow you to the bathroom after 15-minutes. That’s very rare.

Look at how a lion hunts a giraffe. It moves slowly because it knows the prey has no chance. The prey knows what’s about to happen, it’s very agitated yet it knows there’s no way out. Then, with the first chance, the lion jumps over the prey, and that’s it.

Same thing with the Sensual Hunter Method. You start the conversation. The initial fluff-talk is there to “get you in” and should be as short as possible, depending on the girl.

You escalate quickly with the first chance you get. After that, you build huge amounts of tension until you make your move (get her to come with you, take her digits, whatever you like).

You have to understand that this method generates huge levels of attraction, so you have to expect girls bailing out at the last moment. This will happen less and less as you get better. But once you apply the method step-by-step, you’ll have your own customized method that will work over and over again.

This method will transform you into a guy who can always lead things to sex very fast, that’s why it’s different. I’ve had many girls telling me, with huge grins on their faces, “Don, no matter what we talk about, you’re always leading things to sex.”

And that’s easy to do. You tell me a word, say “potato,” and I can tell you off the top of my head that chips decrease sperm quality. You can talk about dolphins, and I can tell you that bonobos and dolphins are the only other creatures besides humans that have sex for pleasure.

That’s what makes the Sensual Hunter Method unique: it’s focused on hundreds of tips, tricks, or downright jokes and facts of sexual nature that you can use in any situation.

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