Are You a Borat? – Confident…but Socially Awkward

Borat Social Natural Are You a Borat?   Confident...but Socially Awkward

Do you remember the character Borat portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen?

If you don’t, I suggest you check out the 2006 movie Borat to see what I mean when I say this…

Borat is probably the most confident person around the second he walks into any room.

He doesn’t give a shit.  He lives in his own little la-la land world, like a little kid in a candy store, and does things that most of us would be embarrassed or scared to do.

(Actually, “confident” may be a little too strong word to describe this character.)

However, at the same time, he is socially awkward because he doesn’t know what he is doing; therefore, doesn’t have that same fear of embarrassment or humiliation others have that, as I said before confidence is just the “absent of fear.”

Talk about fear being a learned perception, huh?

Regardless of how confident you are with women or people, by being socially awkward in social situation you’re not going to get far.

Of course, you don’t have to care what other people think, but there are still hidden underling rules of social dynamics you have to follow because there are consequences…

For example, doing anything illegal, you’re get arrested, same goes if you do anything that is social unacceptable behavior.

Being creepy is the most common label guys get from a lack of social understanding of what’s accepted in that current social situation and moment.

They’re not afraid to act, but they don’t know how to act, so creepiness creeps in as a result of any lack of social calibration awareness

That’s what you will be when you’re confident but socially awkward akayou’re a Borat.”

…and do you honestly think somebody like Borat gets the girl?  (Ok, ok, maybe a prostitute if you’ve seen the movie.)

The question then is, “How do you classify what is social awkwardness?”

It varies from settings-to-settings depending on the current situation.

That’s why you need to have strong refined intuitive awareness of what’s considered socially accepted in that environment and moment.

Stay tune for the next article on social violation.

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