How to Handle People’s Bullshits?

Handle People’s Bullshits Social Natural How to Handle Peoples Bullshits?

Don’t you just hate when people bullshit to you in front of your face…and you know it?

I mean, “How dare they think they can just purely bullshit you like that when it’s obvious?”

So how do you handle this, so they know you’re not somebody they can bullshit to?

Well first of all, the most important rule, is never get upset or angry…most important.

Yes, you may feel disrespected, and your natural impulse is to call them out on it.

However, the problem with confronting them about whether they’re telling the truth or not

A.) They will continue with the bullshitting, reaffirming the same story, sticking to their same bullshit-route, and you’re getting more and bigger lies.

B.) Deny they are bullshitting at.

C.) Play the “victim’s card” from you accusing them of lying, to make you look like the bad guy taking advantage of the weak and innocent, and won’t anything to do with you anymore with you being an annoying detective prying for the truth.  (I hate this one.  When people like these have nothing to argue on based on truth and fact, they pull out the victim’s card calling you the predator to leave them alone.)

Never go the accuser-route with bullshitters.  They are good at bullshitting afterward and will continue bullshitting, deny, or play victim’s card.

“So what can you do?”

Don’t fret, not all hope is lost.

Use the Bullshit Back on Them

Tease the Bullshits How to Handle Peoples Bullshits?

Tease them about.  Exaggerate the most dire thing that has just happened so they will know how silly she just made herself seem.

For example if I’m talking to a woman:

Woman: “Hey I’m sorry, but I just broke my computer and lost all that documents/photos/songs I didn’t send you.”

You: “Awww you poor little thing, you must have lost ALLL and ALLL of your work.”

Now I want to build upon that former article I talked about “What to Do when Girls Lie…to Get Them more Attracted to You?” by using Outrageous Funny-Story in response to her lies.

I have gotten questions asking about possible situations that may come up if she gets angry or offended by your teasing her about it (because it could be truth even if it sounds ridiculous).

Ok, valid point…

So what I like to do is offer her “solution/assistance” to help her in diluting that sarcasm and tease at the beginning.


You: “You know I’m actually a programmer besides gigoloing.  I can pull out the little hard-drive baby and restore everything virtually.”

So the social structure is…

(TEASE the BS with Sarcastic Exaggeration) + (Sincere SOLUTION to the BS) = Handling Bullshits

This social structure is a slight derivative alternative from the Outrageous Funny-Story I talked before because sometimes the girl you’re dealing with may not have a sense of humor nor take too kindly to you mirroring what she’s doing to you back on her aka verbal aikido.

That’s where this social structure is built one-notch level-up upon that to handle this….”by offering the solution.” This solution will close the loop from the situation getting out of hand.

The Peace-Treaty

You know what they say?

Solution to Bullshit Social Natural How to Handle Peoples Bullshits?

A lie keeps growing and growing and extends to another lie.  If she is bullshitting with you,  she will feel guilty.

By doing this she will now you’re somebody she’s not to bullshit to because it also sort of implies you know she’s bullshitting…but you’re not accusing her, so she can’t accuse you of accusing her.


If it is true, be thankful you’re not accusing her (because that will make you look really bad), but having some fun with the tease and willing to help her with the solution.

Because let’s be honest, to be lied and bullshitted to like we’re some stupid fool is disrespectful and ego-bruising…and no men deserve that from a woman or anybody.

And you win her respect as well.  In fact, all of this may have even been her shit test.

Thus following after your tease to the bullshit, offer solution to make peace.

Note all these things I’m teaching you, they are not only can be use just with women…but for your friends, coworkers, or anybody who think they can take advantage of you.

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