Women Psychology in Dating

Women Psychology in Dating Social Natural Women Psychology in Dating

Men and women are different…well, obviously.

Since toddlers, boys and girls see the world through 2-set of lenses, and they act accordingly.  From toys to school, to how they react to other people, the dissimilarities are profound, not just figuratively but literally.

Both genders are hardwired to think and act certain ways in various situations, and through social development into adulthood, these differences may change, but they’re still there…they just evolve.

Women psychology in dating of what goes on in her mind is far different than that of men’s.

When a woman becomes attracted to you…don’t think prematurely it’s over yet, my friend.  No, the dating game has now ensued.  (Talk about multiple foreplays to get the goods, right?)

The early stages of dating is like gaming.  Men like playing games that are held outside and in the presence of other people, like for example poker and blackjack.

For women though, dating for them is like a game of bingo, which explains why women are ingrainedly much more fond of playing such slow-game than men are.

Like the game of bingo, women like to take it slow — they’re patient.  They play the game because there’s not much risk and it’s a very simple game that is based on luck.  Bingo doesn’t require skill — no plotting or strategizing is required, and the excitement that they get from the game is safe and acceptable.

Women Bingo Social Natural Women Psychology in Dating

Women view dating like a bingo game.  Yes, it may seem dull and boring but it’s true.

Compared to men who want to get instant gratification…women can hold out on small pleasures in the hopes of gaining bigger pleasures in the long run.

This is where men and women are different in their psychology in dating.

During the women courtship stage, men want to score right away…while women would want to get to know the man better before letting them in.  And while men have to plan and think carefully how to get the woman to fall in love with them…women don’t.  They actually just let things run its course, carefully deciding if the man is actually someone worth being with.

So just like the game of bingo, women wait and play the game, in the hopes of being lucky in finding Mr. Right…like a romantic-novel.

I know…what a fun game, right?

It may not make sense it us, men, but it’s simply pure chick-logic, and we have to roll with the flow to get women.

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