The End of Singlehood – Throwing the Last Stag Night for the Reserved Friend

Guys Night Out The End of Singlehood   Throwing the Last Stag Night for the Reserved Friend

We all know at least one introvert in every close-group of friends, that one guy who shows no interest in chatting up the ladies when you get together for a guy-night out, and who may even be reserved among the people he trusts most.

But then all of a sudden one day, he’s found his special someone, with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life with. He may actually be relieved that he no longer has to compete with extroverts for the attention of girls he finds attractive.

Then he should at least have a taste of what he’s leaving behind this one last time–the fun, the opportunities, and the bachelor life.

But how do you plan a bachelor party for a guy who’s never shown the slightest hint of interest in those activities that generally require an outgoing personality?

The first step you must take is getting his cooperation.

Most introverts dislike surprises that involve strange social situations, and may react by clamming up at the worst possible moment. You should troubleshoot with him in the crucial phases of planning, obtaining feedback, and gauging his reactions to various venues.

Next, consider what he likes and build a celebration around that.

Gentlemens Club Night The End of Singlehood   Throwing the Last Stag Night for the Reserved Friend

If he’s extremely shy, but you’d like to visit a gentleman’s club like what all men do as custom, it may be worth the higher cover charge to select one that caters to more affluent clientele, but don’t make strip clubs your first stop of the evening. Give him time to become accustomed to the idea that it’s all about him tonight, and he’ll be more likely to play ball and not retreat into his shell when he’s receiving all the attention.

Instead plan a meal first. Whether it’s at a restaurant or home of one of his friends, keeping it low-key for starters. Tension is your enemy with any introvert. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your favorite memories of each other, laugh until you can’t breathe, and ply him (slowly but steadily) with alcohol. Since his idea of a good time may not be a bar crawl, go easy. Many introverts tend to respond with flying colors to liquid courage, but shyness keeps them cautious.

If you’re not sure what sort of theme the main entertainment should follow, think of your buddy. What does he love to do most?

Engaging his enthusiasm will encourage his involvement, then you have something to work with. Even a lecture or a visit to a museum in the afternoon before can start things off right.

When it comes to hitting the bars, do some research and find out if there any theme around something your friend loves–comic books, race cars, video gaming, pokers, and other pursuits.

If you want to give him one last taste of bachelor life, especially if it involves chatting up the ladies, some staging may be required. Be prepared to salt the dig. In other words, prearrange conversation partners. Choose a variety of ladies, arrange to purchase drinks, and make sure they know your friend is shy. There’s no shame in orchestrating a smooth succession of interesting, light interaction for your friend on his last night as a bachelor.

You’re the one who knows what he likes that can bring him out of hiding to be social and have fun on his last night of singlehood. All your planning will ensure success.

Centrefold Strippers – If you’re planning to throw a great night out for your shy buddy as his send-off before marriage, get in touch with us.

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  1. Great Jon says:

    Strip club all the way :)

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