3 Must-have Fundamentals to Attract Women

Fundamentals to Attract Women Social Natural 3 Must have Fundamentals to Attract Women

When it comes to attraction and dating

Don’t, for one second, think that men and women view the social game in the same way.  Sure, the methods of attraction are the same–proximity, similarity, likeness–all these can lead you to get attracted to someone.

Men are visual-beings, and when they see a good-looking woman with a nice body, they immediately get attracted to her…no surprise there.  Whereas for women, the whole attraction game is a tad more complicated and goes beyond the physical.

Here is a short but insightful view on the 3 must-have fundamentals to attract women to a man and what they expect in the dating game:

While good-looks may turn heads, it’s not really on the top of the list of women’s factors for attraction.

For the physical aspect, it’s actually the man’s hygiene and fitness.  This doesn’t mean the man has to be buff and have hard core abs, it just means women are attracted to men who are healthy.  This goes back to the prehistoric era wherein men were hunters and needed to be fit in order to feed their families.  Subconsciously, women are wired to get attracted to men who can provide and protect them when needed. So if you’re a man, engage in physical activities, such as go to the gym every once in a while and be wary of bad skin and a receding hairline.

Now to what I’ve always stressed about…

Good social skills makes men more attractive to women.  Men who can lead a pack of other men, who is liked and respected, and can command a room of people give out an aura of confidence; and there’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who is “confident in himself,” without worrying about what other people think. These traits symbolize security, which is a major factor in getting a woman to get attracted to a man.

And one other factor that makes women attracted to men is power and status. Along with these factors, wealth is almost always presumed. A man in power means he has certain privileges that come with such social status other men don’t have, and this will definitely make women pay attention.

However different these traits may be, it all boils down to one factor that connects them together. With health, good social skills, and power, a man who has these traits means that he can provide, protect, and give the woman security.

Even if the man is not that good-looking, but he has these traits, he will surely be irresistible to the single woman.

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