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With all the enthusiastic anticipation of the release of my long-awaited Nightly Nomad program…

Of course, it would be natural that you have some questions.

I thought I would address the top ones you may have:

-  “Why do I need even this?
The truth is…we’re all social creatures at heart, who crave the social validation with others.  Very few people can live by themselves for a long period of time without exposure or interaction with other people.

Otherwise, you might as well move to the deepest part of a hidden forest and live your life in isolation from the rest of human society, which I doubt you can sustain for a long period of time.  We need to live and stride.

Of course you may already be satisfied and have the social lifestyle you want, but this will take it to the next level and you will have felt a new strong sense of passion, fun, excitement, and fulfillment you never thought possible when you reach this elevated plateau.

Do you want stop living your same boring life?

The reason why you’re even here in the first place is because you’re not happy about your life or curious wanting to know more, but somewhere subconsciously you know you want more…than just your same old daily routine and working all day with no sense of enjoyment.

-  “You’re either born with it or not, so this won’t work for me.
This is the biggest common misconception in any self-development that people are either born with something or not, and there is nothing you can do about it…making you feel helpless about your life solution.

“Being social” is both.

If you weren’t born with it, you’re just going have to put in extra more work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved; and with those folks who were, just less effort needed.

Yet not everybody had the same luxury of the same upbringing as some of those who were raised in a very positive social upbringing-environment in a supportive community, where people learned to interact and collaborate with one another.

This will work for anybody.   I was the one who was born of the worst of the worst with my very anti-social past and had achieved that level I never though possible.  I am a testimonial of my own creation, and so are other people I’ve helped.

-  “If people don’t like me, it’s their problem.
It’s true that there are some people…who are just some of the most poisonous folks in the world and are more anti-social than you are, and you can’t make everybody like you.

But for those people who are truly quality people who will add value to your life, if you don’t know how to socialize, interact, and behave, you won’t draw them into your life.

What we’re trying to do is maximize your “social-magnet” as I like to call it, giving you full-range exposure to draw as the most amount of people into your life.

Basically, we’re increasing the magnetic power of your social-magnet.

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