Welcome to My Personal Blog

Where once where the main site was located, is now home to my personal blog…

And I do mean “personal”, meaning you won’t find here much dating tactics and social advices to charm your good-ole high-school sweetheart or that love of your life you just found…

But just get to know more about me and myself and stuffs like that, adventures I get into, personal hobbies like surfing, working out, and music, and occasional embarrassing moments of me singing in my friends’ music studio.

I go to great length to do all this for your own entertainment pleasure only…metaphorically speaking.

Sort of a “diary” for lack of a better word, hopefully without sounding to girly….alright fine, maybe “chronicle” would sound much more manly.

It’s just an easy way for you to stay updated and what goes on behind the scene in my normal life, without ever needing to always come-off like some big arrogant guru-hotshots like other folks.

Think of this like a never-ending journey we’re going on to mastery and enlightenment of different aspects of life.

I will also get into issues of interest to men such as working out, sports, martial arts, men’s health, lifestyle, spirituality, self growth, etc.

As said before, rather than just talking about meeting women and improving your dating and sex life to and refining your social skills for better social life, this is much boarder personal development; however, I will get into those topics but just not as deep and in-depth. Yet if that’s a more targeted area you need, go back to the main site Social Natural.

Basically, this is just a place to let go and be free, and just to remind you that I’m just a normal personal and not some archangels. icon wink Welcome to My Personal Blog

And as always, I encourage you to participate in on the discussion and post any comment and question you have, and sort of let me get to know you a little bit.

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  1. Niceee! Glad you’re doing this, but you should talk about dating also Gabe.

  2. your own celebrity page lol

  3. What’s next…your own radio show? LOL

  4. I would like to see more podcasts or something interactive.

  5. FrankieFoley says:

    Every body admits that humen’s life is very expensive, however people need real life experience

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